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Earth Core Secured

July 4, 2023 Posted by Blog 0 thoughts on “Earth Core Secured”

A few days ago (29.6.23) Earth core was secured. This was part of a sacred mission assigned by God. Even before this assigned to me, it also just made a lot of sense that the Earth Core along with all the gates needed to be secured if we wanted to fully secure this planet and that needed to be a priority. So I was honored be to involved.

Usually when building for the Earth surface i’m restricted to building Planetary Divine Technology that have a 10km radius or 20km diameter, for this mission I was fortunate to not have those restrictions. With the help of my builder family, outside of Earth in one of my home stars, we built massive ones that could cover the entire Earth core and more. The diameter of Earth in kilometers is apparently 12,742km. To my estimate these ones must have been built 3000km plus in radius. There were multiple, each one with a specific purpose, such as to evict, regenerate the core, make corrections, close and block the opening of portals gates wormholes etc, remove negative forms, remove black magic, awaken beings in stasis, collapse timelines, record bi-wave to triwave, fill the core with Krystal Star love and to revoke. All were strategically chosen and approved. Once built each one of these were compressed into my light body

Since these are so massive and powerful they cannot be simply opened up within the population. I was told I had to go out of body into the Earth core and release them. I must admit I was a bit “Are you for real!”. As we know usually going out into the field is not exactly the safest thing to do, let alone the Earth Core. I did my preparations to increase my defense and I was assured so much of the christic family and my teams had my back.

On the big day, when ready I was placed into some kind of Christic technology which I went inside and its function was to shoot me downwards into Earth Core. I was basically a human ball. As I went downward, my heart was beating pretty fast, the speed was intense and my eyes were flickering. Upon reaching the core, my heart burst open and tears started coming down, all the Planetary Divine Technology were released out my light body, uncompressed and switched on as quickly as possible.

From this point on it was “Go time” and time to get to work. There were multiple draconian machinery for mind control that were removed, lots of AI for enslavement of the people of Earth, large AI supercomputers, massive God blocks, lots of architecture to disconnect Christ consciousness from Earth, lots of time distortion jammers and lots of the all too familiar victim-victimiser systems. There were numerous false bases that were decoys to stop clearings for Earth core there wer huge nests of reptiles that were being prepared to take over the planet. All of which were clean sweeped. Krystic dragonis supported my exit from the core and back to the surface.

Over 48,000 entities were evicted in the first 36 hours. Depending on what they have done they will go where they are meant to go. Some go to prison-like complexes, while some go to where they came from. Some who choose to change go to rehabilitation complexes and some go to God to be reborn.

Over 2500 plus Christic beings that were in stasis we activated and awakened. They will now continue to fulfill their purposes for the Earth which I am optimistic about because they are powerful.

Now that the Earth core has been secured God can come through the core like never before.  I know God has great plans. I hope you notice, see and feel the new light coming from the core because it has regenerated from its damage. There are so many shifts happening, I would be most interested to heart what are your experiences of this and insights on the shifts.

Thank you for witnessing. I thank and give much respect to all the Guardians, Christos family and all who supported this mission.


My Universal Stream

January 7, 2020 Posted by Blog, Uncategorized 1 thought on “My Universal Stream”

The structure of the soul is something that I have always been interested in understanding. With much of the knowledge and experiences i’ve had in this lifetime, I had not of come across a diagram or model that displayed the information that I knew. I have seen different diagrams and models of such, from the very simple to something more advanced. The common model I hear of is quite simple, it starts with God or Spirit, then the next layer is the Soul, and then last layer is the body. Believe me I like things simple, but I felt an inner urge to create something with more detail. One day I had quite the conviction to get it down on paper, and as I started, a download poured down. This led to the next 3 days creating and fine tuning the diagram below which I’m not calling as the structure of my soul but rather “My Universal Stream”.

The following is not for everyone especially those who are new to the “awakening” journey. This has quite specific information, so please only utilise what resonates and discard the rest. This is a model that is an interpretation of a part our multidimensional reality and I don’t claim it to be the absolute reality of things. This is intended to help you have more self awareness and understand who you are in the bigger picture.

To understand this better I need to describe the universal model that this diagram uses. Before I explain, I need to say that this model is not based upon the understanding of dimensions from modern day mainstream science, nor is it from the RA material, or Bashar. This universal dimensional model is from the Guardian Host perspective which is more commonly known to come through sources such as Lisa Renee of Energetic Synthesis. This is knowledge that I resonate with and cross checked with my Higher Self. I don’t claim this model to be better than the others it is simply the frame of reference that I use to interpret reality.

The Structure of our local universe
We live in a 15 dimensional universe, that is comprised of 5 densities. Each density is like a musical octave, like how each musical octave has a unique tone, the same is for each density, each one is different in its unique way with its own set of laws and physics.  Density 1 is the most dense, it vibrates the slowest, there’s linear time and dense physical matter. On the other side of the spectrum Density 5 is the least dense and the highest frequency. The higher the dimension and density the more into the future it is, the lower the dimension and density the more in the past it is. Within each density there are 3 dimensions.  The earthly experience we live in now is within Density 1 of the third dimension (3D). I’ve placed 16D in there simply because I was guided to and the aspects on that level are like overseers.

Note: This universe is one universe in a cosmic multiverse and our cosmos has dimensions well beyond 16D.

Every density has a group. The names i’ve used for each group are by no means official, I don’t think there is such a thing anyway. I’ve labeled them based on logic, familiar terms, names that resonate with that density and names that have already been used within our spiritual culture. Density 1 is called “Density 1 Group”, Density 2 is called “Soul Group”, etc. Every density has a certain amount of aspects or beings within it. Not every universal stream has the same amount of aspects within it, yours may be different to mine. You might have 24 aspects (made that up) in density 2 whereas I have 12.

Entire Universal Stream and Embodiment
In the macro picture its “The One is the All and the All is the One”, its the same at this “micro” level. I am my Entire Universal Stream, my entire stream is me and we are all each other. The Entire Universal Stream are the aspects you need to integrate to shift into a greater level of embodiment and presence here on Earth. For every group you also have a personal corresponding energy matrix in your personal energy, kind of like a inner holographic version for the “outer” groups. So you have a Density 1 Matrix which some call as the Personality Matrix, and for the higher densities there are the Soul Matrix, Monad / Oversoul matrix, Kryst Avatar Matrix and higher.

Most people are at a density one level in their embodiment. When it comes to a soul matrix (4-6D) level of embodiment, you are also integrating the aspects that are a part of your soul group. In my case there are 12 aspects in my Soul Group so I had to integrate them to come into a soul level of embodiment, and move into a Oversoul / Monad level of integration.  When you integrate your Soul group you’re able to be fully present for the whole spectrum of emotions and so much more. When you are at a Monad level you can begin to ground and bring through your divine missions on this planet. If you’re not at this level of initiation, you are still not emotionally mature enough and still have other learning and other events to occur before you really bring through your best.

Do you need to know each aspect to go into deeper levels of embodiment? No. I moved through my soul level integration without knowing any of my aspects.

Direct Stream
The idea of a Direct Stream and a Universal Stream is something I had never come across before. For every dimension you have a certain amount of aspects (in my case I have 4), one of those aspects is your main aspect for that dimension, and that aspect is a part of your Direct Stream. Since your Direct Stream is comprised of multiple dimensions, you have multiple aspects that are a part of it. Think of a totem pole that you see in indigenous cultures, that’s pretty much it with you being at the bottom and your higher aspects above you creating a straight or direct line upwards. Direct Stream aspects are significant because they have a more intimate connection with who you are on Earth, than the other aspects of your Universal Stream. Each one can influence and support your direct vertical and horizontal connection to God in significant ways.

Aspects of the Direct Stream and their Alignment
If anything this is what you need to be most aware of with all this information. We all have a direct stream although this doesn’t mean all the aspects are aligned or are on board with you. As you become more sensitive to energy, you can notice that some aspects will be off to the left side of your body (including being above and over to the left), others to the right, and perhaps some are in the middle above you. When they are in the middle this is ideal, they are on board with you, this is alignment, this is why I called it “direct”, as in direct to God. It is also know as the Krystic/Christed path, it is the balance point and it is going beyond duality.

When an aspect is not in alignment, for example when my 4D self is not in the middle but rather off to the right, then my energy is a bit to the right, its not a clear straight column of light. I can tell by the contrast of when my 4D self is in the middle versus to when its off to the right, there’s a significant difference in how present I am, how much love I can feel, how much clarity I have, and how clear my connection is to my God self. Sometimes my 8D self was out of alignment because he had certain wounds, and this needed to be processed in my life before I could really bring 8D into alignment, until then his wounds were reflecting into my 3D outer reality in my relationships and that is what I mean by them influencing your direct connection.

Do know each aspect is a being themselves, they have their own lives, their own themes, issues, purposes and missions. You can build a relationship with them. I find with my stream if I help them, they are happy to help me. As is the case with me on Earth, if someone helps me, im more than happy to help them as well. Remember they are you, you know how you work, you know how to reach yourself.

Everyone Aligned
So if you want explore what it is like to have all of your aspects of your direct stream in alignment. Drop into a deep state and ask your 4D self to align, your 5D self to align, 6D and so on. It is more powerful to actually know their dimension, location, form and sex, and have a feel for their actual presence. Its like the more you know them personally the more they will align, at least thats been the case in my experience.

Also know that for different reasons your aspects can align without you asking for it. When there are sacred missions, initiations, or events occurring, you may find everyone aligning.  For example the first time I consciously “met” Divine Father, it was almost as if prior to meeting him all my aspects were like kids in a classroom with no teacher mucking around throwing paper planes at each other, and then the “teacher” walks in and some are like “oh shit! Dad’s here!” and they all sit up straight,  and be in alignment.

Do I even need to know this stuff?
In short, no, you don’t really need to know any of it. It depends on its relevance for your path, you will know because you are attracted to it or not. As they say there are many paths, and all lead to the one source. The infinite love of God Source is always already here and all is the One Infinite Creator. I find the that more we evolve the more sensitive and aware we become. We see what is always already here in this moment, and there is a lot here right now, especially as we peel off our blinders. These subtle layers of existence become almost impossible to not encounter, and to have some context can be supportive. Whether its non-duality, working on our beliefs, pure awareness, multidimensionality, all of these are a part of life, lets just play and enjoy it all without judgement.

Support in knowing your Universal Stream or Direct Stream
If you are interested in knowing more about your Universal Stream or Direct Stream and need support, I can help you with that. See my Services page for more information.

I hope this helps in some way,

Much love

About the Author
Ermond Machica is an artist, activator and spiritual mentor. He is based in Brisbane, Australia and offers his services worldwide. His message is simple, “Awaken your heart, stay on your heart, listen to your heart and create your life from your heart.”

Awakened Man

October 29, 2019 Posted by Blog 0 thoughts on “Awakened Man”

An awakened man has felt his abandonment wounds all the way to its core and opening his heart to it. He is a healing presence for all men (and women) who have this wound.

Awakened man can be calm in a whirlwind of chaos. Not to appear as strong in the eyes of others, not for his ego but because his embodied wisdom, clarity of mind and love is legit.

Awakened man aligns to truth. He is a warrior of love. He is love in action and a guiding light.

Awakened man can feel the pulses raidance of light that comes from his heart center that emanates from the source of creation. He seeks guidance and direction from his heart.

Awakened man has seen how lost he was, and felt great fear and has felt through so much pain. He has also experienced great bliss, empowerment and liberation. He constantly awakens and knows there is no end to this endless expression of creation. He does not claim to be right or know it all. He realises he is wiser than before but also knows he knows jack shit.

An awakened man, shifts the room he walks in, not through a presence of brute force and dominance, but penetrating light which makes people feel safe and warm in his presence.

Awakened man does not use the old paradigm of male privilege to define male and female roles.

A man who is aware and does not shut down his emotions. He feels them fully. Never abandoning himself like he did in his past.

An awakened man is present with you. He is not in his head. He is not preparing good responses. He is not trying to please or impress. He simply listens.

Awakened man honors all the women that have been in his life.

Awakened man can feel energy, he can feel others.

Awakened man sees through his brothers that only tell others to “harden up” and “stop being a pussy”. He does not put them down but holds understanding, compassion and offers a new perspective.

Awakened man can feel safe to be around and even challenging. He can become a big mirror to everything within you. He does not force anyone to change or follow his ways but he unerringly displays truth, being that mirror of alignment for others.

Awakened man does not seek the approval of others, he looks to the birds eye view of his true self. He looks to see if he is in alignment with his highest intent and values. He knows as long as he exists he is worthy and that worth is unshakable as long as he exists.

An awakened man appreciates your praise and approval but does not need it.

An awakened man has eyes that can penetrate any he interacts with. At will he can see deeply into peoples eyes, tuning into their soul. He can detect bs.

An Awakened man understands women whilst also knowing he will not always understand women. He remains humble, open, ready to learn or unlearn.

Awakened man has an open heart that has great love. A heart space that is not just soft but is also like a cosmic fusion engine. When you feel his heart, your heart space cannot help but expand.

An awakened man does not play in others peoples immature power plays. He understands the power dynamics within humanity and knows that power must be balanced with love and wisdom.

An awakened man embodies great wisdom, when he shares, things become clear for you.

An awakened man can let his partner have space without feeling rejected.

Awakened man has consciously listed his needs and desires.

Awakened man has flexible structure.

Awaken man knows he (and all men) has feminine energy and can use a more gentle soft feminine expression at will.

Awakened man knows when to return his sword back into its sheath. He does not engage in potential back and forth ping pong battles of arguments. He doesn’t support injustice or unfairness. He makes sure his actions and responses are aligned with his heart and the betterment of all.

Awakened man takes responsibility. He apologies where it is due. He reevaluates and grows.

Awakened man beyond just himself and sees the bigger collective and cosmic picture. He desire to create and be of service is natural.

Awakened men are loyal and will protect or help those close to him without hesitation and with integrity.

Awakened man’s “No” to others is yes to himself.

Awakened man’s logic and rationale isn’t just of the 5 physical senses and linear time, his awareness and logic extends into the multi layered levels of information that includes subtle energy, intuitive data, universal mind which is universal logic.

Awakened man is conscious of Universal law.

Awakened man does not dabble in indecision for long, he moves forward from his center.

Awakened man is perpetual growth, he is always progressive, moving forward from his center. He is acutely aware when he is off center. He might makes mistakes but is quick and determined to make positive change and never stagnant.

Awakened man does not hit his partner or children.

Awakened man doesn’t always appear as strong or manly. He can express his inner child, humor, insecurities, vulnerability, playfulness, and nurturing side in a heart beat.

Awakened men can cry. He can cry with a tear, all the way to crying with full expression full volume. He can cry by himself and with others.

Awakened man is aware of the masculine distortions within himself and others but does not judge. He is aware of the amount of healing and transformation needed for the collective male energy to be in alignment with love.

Awakened man understands the old competition game that is dominant in men. He does not compete against others.
He doesnt need competition to make him feel worthy and loved. He has let go of the ruthless and out of balance need to win. He has redefined himself and his inner belief system in such a way that there is always growth, that there is no failure only feedback, comparison is arbitrary and that superiority/inferiority that is felt is fuel for greater alignment to truth.

Awakened man acknowledges his darkness, he does not deny, he faces it head on and is able to love it.

Awakened man surrenders into the infinite.

Awakened man knows his unchanging nature of pure awareness. And that this is more truthful that his self created identity.

Awakened man connects with nature, whether it be a beach, a mountain or a forest or something else, his solitude in such areas are important to him.

Awakened man is money conscious. He can thrive with money and business but is not all about money or business. He is conscious of his moment to moment interactions with money.

Awakened man does not use, abuse, or manipulate anyone for sex. Sex only happens when both are in agreement and with love. He does not think about having sex only for his own satisfaction, when the other doesn’t want sex then he can let go without disharmony. His sexual energy isn’t locked below his belly button it can raise throughout his spine and body, through multiple chakras and his microcosmic orbit.

Awakened man doesn’t conform to hive mind sheep mentality, he thinks for himself, questions everything and share his truth.

Awakened man has found his voice. He speaks from his heart. He can share his truth and is not afraid to speak up. He is willing to drop truth bombs to help someone awaken from their slumber, if it is in alignment.

Awakened man respects his father and his male lineage. He receives their wisdom and only aligns to their ways if it resonates with him. He is not afraid to transcend and let go of old paradigms.

Awakened mans body is not stiff, he can move, he can dance. Can at will fully express movement with freedom.

Awakened man is money conscious. He takes responsibility for his finances and his relationship and beliefs around money. Money and business is not the only thing in his mind.

Awakened man does not objectify women for his own gratification.

Awakened man is Self Realised. He aware of his unchanging, eternal, whole, infinite nature. He is aware of oneness. He needs no other to complete him but he does not shut his heart from others.

An awakened man is powerful. He cannot be controlled, manipulated or seduced.

Awakened male knows the controller archetype. He is aware of the pattern of victimising others to not be victimised himself. He has seen through energies that made him as arsehole, a bully, victimiser, a controller in the past, and learned from it.

Awakened man is grounded. He is in his heart, in his body and very connected to the Earth.

He is one who knows integrity is when their outer actions and expressions match their inner feelings and values.