Heart Centered Meditation

If you are a beginner to meditation, please go through the Meditation 101 details prior to beginning this meditation. The audio below is an introduction to Heart Centered Meditation.

The follow three audio files are the one same meditation, the same energy, with each file having a different amount of guidance. One has full guidance, one has minimal guidance and more silence (loop-able if downloaded) and the last is completely silent. All files are downloadable when on the top right of the media player. For the best results and a sustainable impact, start with this meditation as a daily practice, (a week is recommended) and once it becomes second nature continue to use it daily whilst you are moving through the sections.

Also be sure to read the Four Pillars of Heart Centered Meditation below, as it has extended and essential guidance for this practice and way of being.

The Four Pillars of Heart Centered Meditation

The 4 pillars of heart centered meditation: Relax, feel/awareness, remain on the heart, and to love.


Always remain relaxed
Relax the body. The more relaxed you are the deeper you can go into yourself and your heart. Even if you can feel anxiety or anything that make your body tense, do your best to relax. Also for this type of meditation, being relaxed is not something you do just at the beginning of the meditation but rather something you do throughout meditation.

Let go
This type of meditation isn’t about building ideas, planning, rationalizing, it is more about letting go. Let go of the thoughts of the day, let go of what you expect, what you think you know, who you think you are, let go of the tension in your head, the tension in your body, let go of everything. Let go and simply be in the moment. Let go and see what remains. Let go and see your true self.

Body scan
As you get into the meditation over time you will naturally become more aware of what is happening internally, especially within your physical body. You will become more aware of what is tense, tightness, pains, emotions, and subtle energy.

Unconscious tension
Often when we’ve had trauma, injuries, scary experiences, anxiety and anything that contracts the body, the body will become tense.  Often where there is tension in the body, energy doesn’t not flow well and you can find thinking patterns, emotions and memories that arise that relation to the experience or themes it originates from.

Sometimes when a part of the body becomes tensed, awareness can seem to be stuck there as if it cannot go anywhere else because you it can seem harder to let go of and easier to get lost in thinking patterns. However even while parts are tensed and awareness seems temporarily stuck, it isn’t stuck, it is can freely move and navigate any part of you. For example you can be seemly stuck on your abdomen, however you aren’t stuck there, you can relax your body and you can freely bring your awareness back to your heart.

Complete relaxation

Often when we are completely relaxed we fall asleep, if you spend time laying down and  intending to become more aware of your completely relaxed state then by contrast you will know more clearly when you are tensed during meditation. This is important because whether you are in doing a sitting meditation or working in an office there are times when you don’t know you have become tensed in certain parts of the body. Through knowing the contrast of the tensed and completely relaxed state it will be easier for you to let go and go deeper into meditation.

Sitting meditation doesn’t mean you’re always still like a statue
Regardless of whatever type of meditation you do it doesn’t mean your body will always be as still like a statue. If you can remain relaxed enough, you may find the body naturally moving a little, twitching, jerking, yawning, head might be tilting backwards, or some other way. Often movement happens as a way to allow energy to flow through your system better. If you don’t move, you can still let go stagnant energy if you can remain in a state of flow and allowance, but sometimes if you resist movement or expression there is a form of contraction that is often caused by negative perception. i.e. When people become scared they can’t move. The more you can relax, even if you are scared the easier the imprint of that experience will be processed and released. Whether you’re moving or not, allow yourself to relax and flow like a river.

Feeling and Pure Awareness

A lot in regards to feeling is mentioned in Emotions section of Embodying your True self. Please refer to that area for more wisdom and insights.

Feeling Universe
There is a whole ‘feeling universe’ that is yet to be acknowledged and felt by most of humanity. It is as vast as the cosmos, and there are infinite different sensations that can be felt throughout your body, the human collective, Earth, and the universe. Some are powerful, blissful, painful, subtle, sad, dark, empowering, galactic, cosmic, loving, clear, confusing, and everything else you can imagine. Each is like a flavour that the universe has to offer as an experience and all sensations are valid expressions within and of the Infinite Self. Meditation will open your awareness to the subtle feeling that are already here in the moment but are yet to be consciously aware of.

Being the pure witness
Watch, feel, be aware of all any feeling or sensation that arises within you without fear or judgment. Even though your awareness is on the heart it doesn’t always mean that what you will feel will be pleasant. Be the pure witness without holding on, pushing away, tensing your body or thinking about it. If you do that’s okay, return to the practice and don’t beat yourself up. Trust your heart and come back to the core of not adding a story upon any feeling, emotion, vision, memory, sensation, thought and endlessly be the pure witness of what it is arising without interpretation or judgement.


The true meaning of honor is being present with everything you are aware of internally and externally without control, attachment, and resistance. – Trevor Gollagher


Feeling opens the door to more of what is already there
As you feel, you are essentially accessing more information. As experiences, feelings, thoughts, arise, each one is being revealed to your conscious awareness. You may see and remember things you haven’t felt or seen in a long time, things you’ve forgotten throughout your day, specific words that triggered you in a recent conversation, or an energy that feels like it’s from school, childhood, or even another life.

These arise when you were not as present as you could been during those experiences and there was something you need to see that was rejected, not seen fully, denied, or repressed. All moments that are repressed will eventually need to be consciously processed. As each memory, feeling and experience arises through your meditation, they are essentially unraveling everything that makes you look away from the present moment.

By staying within your heart and feeling what’s there you will access more about a circumstance, you may access more feelings in relation to it and you can experience deep healing all the way to the origin of what created the circumstance in the first place. For example if you feel a sense of unworthiness and rejection today, feeling can help you access more information to a degree that you can be aware of the core incident that made you feel unworthy and rejected. Through feeling and becoming aware of something to its core you can completely heal yourself.

Feel the deepest and darkest
There will be times in meditation where you will feel heavy emotional states such as deep sadness, anger, hopelessness or similar negative states of being. A common tendency is to resist these states as understandably they can be uncomfortable. However what you resist persists, and what you oppose you strengthen. It is okay, you are safe, and you are safe to feel. If you shifted into a state of allowance and allowed yourself to fully feel the depths of the feeling no matter how dark it is, you will eventually paradoxically come to a state of acceptance and you will transform. Remain on your heart, and the energy from the audio will assist you. The best thing about staying in the heart is that it is the most harmonious way to transform. Eventually you will be confident to dive into deep emotional states unassisted.

Everything is felt from the heart
Through staying on the heart, you will not only feel what is in the heart area but eventually you notice you will feel other places of your body even while remaining on the heart.  So everything can be felt, seen and changed from the heart because when you go real deep you will see everything in within your heart and from that space the heart is no longer in your heart area it is everywhere.

Don’t expect peace
When you’re feeling from the heart there can be a lot of peace although this doesn’t always mean it will always blissful or peaceful. Sometime you may feel nothing much at all, a flatness, other times you may feel sadness, and other emotions. A flatness can be tricky because the mind thinks nothing is happening when actually the sense of a flatness or numb state is what you are moving through and what you need to move through in order to move on to the next layer of you. Whatever you are feeling is perfect as it is. Be purely aware of what you’re feeling.

Giving permission to fully feel
The sensations that arise can be uncomfortable and the usual tendency is to resist it. One helpful approach to help yourself feel is to  give yourself permission to fully feel a sensation/feeling to its core. You can state the following or something similar to “I choose to fully feel this sensation to its core and point of origin”. This will create a sense of  direction and commitment and zero resistance to what you feel. When there is no resistance, you find yourself in a state of flow and balance will arise.

Remain in the heart

The Center
There is a space in the center of your being, it is the center of you. This is not physical heart, or even that which is known as the heart chakra, but something even deeper and profound. Some have called this the heart of hearts or the spiritual heart. It is the deepest doorway of you, that allows you to shift from your human experience to your Infinite Self.


The spiritual heart is brighter than 10,000 suns.


Gently return to the heart
In the beginning your intention is stay on your heart, however as the meditation goes on in a very subtle way your awareness can shift away from the heart. It isnt always just peace and love, as you remain on the heart, everything within in you that wasn’t of the heart will arise too. Different emotions, feelings, energies, experiences,  thoughts, memories, what you want to buy at the shops, a different part of your body will arise and these will bring you from the heart to different areas such as your head, or your belly, or other areas. Without knowing you might actually remain in those non-heart areas which is why you need to subtly check if you are actually focused on the center of your chest or not. When this happens know this is okay, it can happen a lot and there’s nothing wrong with that. When you get pulled away from your heart center, gently bring your awareness to your heart rather than forcefully returning and continue with the meditation. If you treat yourself with kindness, love and relaxation your experience will be more harmonious. Sometimes you will come across very strong emotions and memories that can make it seem hard to stay in the heart, however no matter what stay in your heart, with softness and love and you will process those energies from the heart.

Heart aligns you to the True Self
Remaining on the heart allows you to naturally align to your True Self and your Infinite Self. All the qualities of the True Self self such as love, flow, positivity, knowing, become more of your experience as you remain on heart centered awareness.

Heart expansion
As you become more attuned to your heart space of and staying within the heart you can expand your awareness from your heart center to other places. For example, you can hold your conscious awareness on your heart and then also extend it to include your head. This will bring heart alignment to your head. You can also play with extending your heart space, as if it starts as a sphere and then make it into a bigger sphere a bit larger than your body. Any place you may feel any pain or negative emotion can be helped with your heart too. Wherever your heart space expands or extends towards, will be entrained to the infinite intelligence, love and light that shines through your heart.

Don’t expect transformation
As you get used to the natural alignment that occurs when you stay in your heart it can become easy to expect that focusing on your heart will heal or transform something. Even though change will occur, when this expectation is emphasised there can be forcefulness for change or impatience. If this is occurring, your process of remain in the heart is being filtered by other intentions, motivations, and energy. The key is not to do anything, not to try anything or want anything and to gently remain aware of what is present from the heart. Loving something doesn’t have the goal of whether something will change or not, it is about accepting the energy as it is and letting it be the perfect expression of what it is meant to be.

Graceful transformation
There are endless ways to transform your energy, beliefs, emotions, thoughts and your body. The heart contributes in the transformation of all of them and it does so in the most harmonious and loving of ways. Heart based meditation allow the vast intelligence of your Infinite Self to harmoniously change your being. Your Infinite Self knows far more than your individual mind alone and it knows exactly how to shift anything and everything possible. Often our little minds thinks it knows what’s best and what needs to shift, however each one of us is truly the one being that is as vast as the cosmos, making use of the heart and the vast cosmic intelligence that you are will help you shift with harmony, ease, grace and perfection.

Your inner genius
As you remain on your heart you can have realisations, knowings, solutions, ideas, inspiration, direction on all kinds of things and all areas of life, such as small events that occurred recently, distance past experiences, clarity on limiting perception, ideas for the future and the bigger picture of life. Through the heart flows the incredible intelligence of the infinite self and the true self, what come through the heart is naturally who you are and therefore of your highest interests and highest benefit. As you stay on the heart you will see life your inner genius which infinite intelligence.

The depths of your heart is deeper than your conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind, your heart shines straight through it all and makes use of all the information that resides within and therefore when you’re tapping into your heart you are tapping in the best of you.

True Love
The heart is the center point at which brings you towards a space where a wellspring of love naturally arises to your awareness. It is the love that has always been within you but you may have been seeking for outside of yourself for your the majority of your life. The deeper you on into the heart the depth of love can become very blissful, it is true love. The love that resides within the heart is what people yearn for . It is nothing that you can find by force, but something you can naturally and effortless fall into if you let go and have a sincere desire to know yourself. Your true self is love and you are love,

As you remain on your heart at some point you may feel different sensations such as a feeling of a radiance from your heart. If you gently stay present with that radiance with the intention to go deeper into it to find the source of it, you will be finding yourself journeying into the depths of yourself. The deeper you go eventually you will come across a threshold where it is as if you’ve passed through a doorway, some which call it the “Spiritual Heart”, it is one of if not the deepest doorway within you. As you go into it you will experience something beyond words, however it may be fitting to be call a sense of oneness, a direct experience of the non-separation of anything because in that experience there are no other things, it is all whole, complete or one.

There is nothing too dense or dark for the heart
Anything that doesn’t resonate with greater reality of truth and universal love, cannot ever halt the transcendent power, love and wisdom of the heart. There is nothing in the universe can stop your heart, no person, heartbreak, entity, trauma or fear. The depth of the heart is all of life, it is deeper and beyond any single form. It is only when you have bought into limiting beliefs, limiting thoughts, negative emotions, identified to forms and any other energy that they can appear to have power over you. However this is of course not possible because through your own choice that you have given power to it because it never had power in the first place. Through a choice of truth, of love, of your heart, the illusion of anything having power over you disappears as you see more clearly as you return to heart centered consciousness.

Thoughts arising
Its okay to have thoughts arising during meditation, often people give up believing they are doing something wrong, thinking it’s too hard, or they have failed. Thinking itself it not the issue, its when we become lost and controlled by our thoughts, especially that of the “monkey mind” and other people’s thoughts of you. Experienced meditators still have thoughts running through their mind, but the only difference between an experienced person and a beginner is that the experienced person is more likely to be aware of the thought, let it pass, and not be controlled by it and a beginner may find themselves swayed by their thoughts and being identified with them. Become used to being remaining aware of the thoughts and aware of everything that is arising in the moment without grabbing onto it. Do your best not to buy into believing you need to think about something. With practice you will be able to be less pulled and swayed by your thoughts, and eventually your practice in meditation can be effortlessly brought into your daily life.

Avoidance of the heart
The heart goes to the heart of the matter, at times you may find resistance and conflict within as your heart will show you things that you felt like avoiding, denying or forgetting. When this happens you will find your awareness shifting to the head, into thinking, wanting to stop the meditation or some other form of avoidance. You might even think your awareness is on the heart but when you look carefully it isn’t, it might be on the throat or the solar plexus, avoiding the heart all together. Although it is different when your awareness is on the heart and other areas, in this case you’re still aligned with the meditation.

A common way of avoiding the heart is through thinking. Although there’s a difference when you’re avoiding the heart by thinking and when thoughts arise with the heart. These are subtleties that you will be able to have more discernment as you become more experienced.  In all cases remain on the heart, and not attach to them, see them like cloud passing by, they will come and soon they will go. What you need to remember you will remember. Remain on the heart the clear sky of your mind will return.


Cannot feel love
In the beginning you may have heard of others mentioning love in the heart and you desired the same experience. For some people if you start meditating on the heart you don’t feel love or anything significant, know you aren’t alone and you haven’t failed. Your experience of the heart is perfect as it is, you cannot make a mistake here. Everyone’s experience of the heart is different, some may feel love immediately, for some it is soon, for others it may takes months or longer. No matter who you are, if you stay committed to your heart you will feel love in your heart. Even if you don’t fully know it, you are love, the love you are seeking is already here, with patience it will be revealed.

Unconditional love
Love everything that appears, no matter how it appears, what thoughts they are, no matter how it feels, love all continuously. If you can do this you are truly being there for yourself, your are truly being unconditional love.

Even if you don’t fully feel it, it’s still happening
Even when you know to love yourself sometimes the feeling of numbness or other emotional are quite stubborn or stagnant and even if you try to love yourself you don’t feel the love or any change. Firstly, don’t expect a change, love yourself as you are and whatever you are feeling no matter what it is. Continue to choose love, even if you don’t feel love as long as you choose it, it’s still happening, the moment you think it’s not happening or not working you’ve chosen something else. Even if it feels like you have the sensation of hardness on your heart, love that hardness, it will harmoniously break down.

Relentless love
Relentlessly choose love, for yourself and for the benefit of all. No matter what, be there for yourself. No matter how painful a feeling is choose love. Don’t let yourself stay stuck in feeling down, always have your back so to speak, it is only a choice a away. Be a warrior of love. Love everything that comes up. You will never lose it or run out of it. Love is forever yours, it is forever you, it is forever here.

Love is not something you do it what you are
During meditation you may find yourself feeling states that are numb, tired, sad, and other state that are not blissful love. As you become more adept you can love those states as they are, which is a beautiful act. If we want to be accurate it isn’t as if you are not love and then love yourself, because you are love and all the love you are is already here. For various reasons that are not touched on here you shift into forgetting you are love. As you remind yourself you are love, you anchor that as a reinforced belief, sink into that knowing, and as you feel that as your beingness you settle into the truth of yourself beyond belief. Loving yourself is not something you have to try hard to do, when you know you are always love, regardless if that’s how you experience the moment or not, loving yourself becomes more of an effortless and gentle reminder.

Love even when it’s uncomfortable
There will be moments in meditation where you may feel uncomfortable, whether its a bodily sensation, emotional wound, you’ve got a busy day ahead of you, you’re feeling angry, feeling sadness or you’re scared, if you can love yourself even in these uncomfortable states then you really know how to love yourself. Even if the uncomfortable sensations are strong and you desire to send love, then loving energy is still in effect even if you don’t feel it. If you don’t feel it you’re so identified to the uncomfortableness that you don’t feel love at all. However the more you stay with the love energy and loving intent, eventually you will sense a shift how you feel and the uncomfortable feeling will eventually dissipate. In the beginning it can be the strangest feeling to love such states but once you get the hang of it you will see how invincible you are when you choose love.

Not knowing what love feels like
You may not have received genuine love when growing up and so you may not know what it feels like or how to feel it. If you don’t know what love feels like, simply start with the most positive feeling you can remember, because without a doubt you have had positive moments in your life. You may have particular memories, a person you love or music that invoke beautiful feelings within you, as soon as you feel these feelings, acknowledge it and remember it. Know that feeling is of your own and does not only have to be associated to what made you remember it. Everytime you remember it, you are tapping into the same feeling, you may feel it to a lesser degree or greater degree, either way the effect of that positive feeling is still in play.

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