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This section is for those who are already well experienced in the Heart Centered Meditation,  and have already commenced on Awakening to the Infinite Self and/or Aligning to Love. If you’re new to Evolove please return to this page at a later period.

Rest As Infinity
Heart Mudra
Single Pointed Meditation
Belief Anchoring  – I am Love

Rest as Infinity

Heart Mudra

Heart Mudra –  An effective tool for meditation.

Mudras have been around for thousands of years and today has become more well known through yoga but also through depictions of deities within Hinduism and Buddhism. If you think of your physical body as a form of technology, then placing your fingers in certain positions or connecting the tips of fingers are like connecting a circuit. The different positions create different circuits of chi or energy that flow through your being and create different effects.

The mudra in the picture above creates a certain opening or opens a non-physical doorway within the center of your chest (not the physically of course). As you become more aware and sensitive to the nuances of your subtle energy bodies you can feel this mudras power. It allows your mind to process emotions, thoughts, energy, information from the heart.

Make sure both pinky fingers, ring fingers, middle fingers are connected, while both index and thumbs are also connected as well creating an infinity like shape. Ideally this mudra is even better when the nails of the fingers are connected. When the nails are connected the energy is stronger.

You can rest this mudra in a comfortable position on your lap, or for an even powerful heart centered experience (although not necessary) you can place the mudra in front of your heart.

Keep your awareness on your heart space, have a place as to what you can sense. You may sense energy building from your hands as well. There are more advanced approached that can be used with this mudra. If you’re interested contact Ermond.

Single Pointed Meditation

Belief Anchoring - I am Love

   Heart Meditation