Born and raised in Brisbane, Australia, since he was a young child, Ermond had numerous experiences that he later found to be uncommon and unusual. Upon getting his first computer in the year 2001, at 13 years old curious and looking for answers, Ermond was drawn towards various spiritual perspectives on the internet. He spent about 5 years on and off the internet looking into metaphysics, and enlightenment. After finally listening to the inner urge, Ermond first meditated at 18 years old. Before he meditated he spoke to existence and said if everything he has read about in the last 5 years was proven to be true, then he would be “All in”. During his first meditation he unknowingly entered what he now considers as the “God Gate”, the deepest and purest gate in existence. From that point forth he went “All in”, all in to be of service, to explore truth, the mysteries of the universe, and enlightenment.

Now in his 30’s Ermond has continued to meditate everyday, never missing a day. He discovered the importance of the heart and love. His journey has led him to understand and transform many wounds, limitations and profoundly changed everything he thought he was and everything he believed reality to be. At 31, he consciously discovered his unique gift to effortlessly help others enter the “God Gate” and believes it to be one of his greatest gifts to share.

His message is: “If you learn how to ask and listen to your heart, it will always provide clarity and truth for anything that you need in life. As you effortlessly dive further into your heart, into the center of your being, eventually you will reach a point where what you perceived as the center is actually everywhere. You will see that everything has always been whole and one. The love and truth you seek has always been right here.”

Today Ermond offers sessions to awaken one’s spiritual heart and support the direct experience of the infinite self. He also offers energy art, multidimensional charts and guided meditations. He wishes for everyone to know, feel and consistently experience the truth, liberation, and love of their own omnipresent essence and the clarity to remember it when in moments of limitation.