About Ermond
Hey, my name is Ermond Machica, born and currently reside in Brisbane, Australia. My message is simple, awaken your heart, stay on your heart, listen to your heart, create your life from the heart.

My Mission and Purpose
One of my purposes is to support people in finding the “Spiritual Heart” within, remember oneness and directly experience pure God.

In a more general sense it is to also remember who I am, to connect to who i’ve been throughout time and beyond time to translate the most, and my most, pristine expressions of love, power, wisdom, creativity into this world, into ways that resonates with Ermond’s heart.

I am here to navigate through this world with my heart, listening and acting to the highest and deepest calling my heart shows me from moment to moment.  Im not here to abide to limiting perspectives, I choose empowerment and love. I am a catalyst to opening the heart and grounding heart centered consciousness. I am here to help others traverse this earthly experience with ease and grace and less limiting beliefs. I am here to be of service.

What do I align with?
Something very important, if not the most important thing ive found is the “Spiritual Heart”.  I believe it is through knowing how to listen and work with the infinite intelligence and energy of the heart, that we can create greater, peace, love, and abundance in each of our lives and our civilisation as a whole. I deeply listen and align with the expanding glowing radiance and intent that shines from the center of my chest that originates from the source of all creation. I open my heart, I feel it, listen to it, and tap into its pure awareness and divine love. Everyone can do it.

I align with the pure Law of One and the Cosmic Christ/Krystal Guardian consciousness. Simply put, in other words I choose God/Source, Unity and love.

I choose to co-create with the divine orchestration that flows through each of our hearts. I choose to aid and support this planet and collective, be of service, be myself, and live with deep passion, joy, playfulness, love, fun and abundance.

I am Infinite, I am love, I am no-thing.“- Ermond

More on Ermond

A bit on my childhood
As a baby and child I experienced things that weren’t exactly normal. I would feel overwhelming positive sensations of tingling that would bring up goosebumps and tears, I had reoccurring dreams flying through the Grand Canyon and seeing a lady in all white, I would see patterns on couches and carpets distorting, changing and moving, I would feel really scared about presences that I could sense in the dark, sometimes when I would lay in bed my body would feel like it was swaying wide like hammock but my physical body was perfectly still and I was playing with my third eye during day care.  Things like this didn’t happen all the time, but were definitely prevalent throughout my early childhood.

Later I discovered/remembered I have incarnated into this earthly experience under unique contracts, one of which is that I had up to 13 charkas already activated since I was a baby. Not fully blown open, just activated. I believe one of reasons was to make sure that I would spiritually awaken and accelerate the expansion of my consciousness for benevolent purposes.

Choosing to be ALL IN
In the early 2000’s I started to look up spiritual information, eastern philosophy, and estoteric (hidden) knowledge. This interest exponentially increased for years. After what felt like many nudges, in 2008, I finally decided to meditate. I sat down on my bed and said “Alright Universe, if my Higher Self, Spirit and all these things are real, then show me and i’m all in!”  I closed my eyes, and minutes later my mind chatter stopped, things became still, and I experienced an expansion of my awareness. I felt energy fields, strange sensations, and felt my self to be bigger than my physical body.

I didn’t experience exactly what I had asked but it didn’t matter, it absolutely confirmed that there was more to reality that what I had been told, and I knew I was much more than just a physical human body. With SOO much excitement I got up, ran and jumped up and down through the hallway and knew from that point forth that I was all in. Back then I believe going “all in” meant I wanted to fully commit to continue to meditate, expand my consciousness, help people, and even become a spiritual master.

To this day i’ve committed myself to being “all in”.  I don’t claim to be a spiritual master, or claim to be anything like one, I am just me. I definitely feel like there’s a lot I can share that can be of heartfelt value. I meditate, I create from my heart and now I share from my heart.

4 Levels of me
There are 4 main levels where I play (the 4 have nothing to do with hierarchy and value).

  • On the first level I’m human, like you, I have a personality, I like sweet potato chips and I don’t prefer microwaves. I’m the type to always choose growth and empowerment.
  • For the second,  I play in the multidimensional levels, I have many bodies, I exist on many dimensions, im in this particular universal time matrix and beyond it into God worlds.
  • For the third, I play as a universal or cosmic consciousness, whole, infinite creative energy, pure awareness, every form in creation, and the frequency of unconditional love. 
  • On the 4th, I play in and as stillness, formless, the silence, the unmanifest, the mystery.

On a sidenote this not to boast, not at all, for how can I when you also play on these levels. Im just being a reminder thats all. Ultimately we all play as and with all levels, however some have simply forgotten, others shun the multidimensional, others only focus on the material earthly level. I choose to play in it all, for this is what is always happening anyway. You and I are all these things and none of them, simultaneously.