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I understand that we are all the one, each of us truly powerful, so powerful that we can even create an experience where we are seemingly powerless. However, one cannot simply wield the true huge power of their highest potential with no integrity or refinement. There are few on this ...

Awakened Man

An awakened man has felt his abandonment wounds all the way to its core and opening his heart to it. He is a healing presence for all men (and women) who have this wound. Awakened man can be calm in a whirlwind of chaos. Not to appear as strong in ...

Golden Seraphim

Gold is one of the colours that are a strong part of my soul. This piece has energetic contributions from the cosmic Gold order, Seraphim, Krystal Star Guardians, Blue Ray, Holy Mother, Holy Father and other unity consciousness energies and beings. I know it may not be relavent at all ...