Earth Core Secured

July 4, 2023 Posted by Blog 0 thoughts on “Earth Core Secured”

A few days ago (29.6.23) Earth core was secured. This was part of a sacred mission assigned by God. Even before this assigned to me, it also just made a lot of sense that the Earth Core along with all the gates needed to be secured if we wanted to fully secure this planet and that needed to be a priority. So I was honored be to involved.

Usually when building for the Earth surface i’m restricted to building Planetary Divine Technology that have a 10km radius or 20km diameter, for this mission I was fortunate to not have those restrictions. With the help of my builder family, outside of Earth in one of my home stars, we built massive ones that could cover the entire Earth core and more. The diameter of Earth in kilometers is apparently 12,742km. To my estimate these ones must have been built 3000km plus in radius. There were multiple, each one with a specific purpose, such as to evict, regenerate the core, make corrections, close and block the opening of portals gates wormholes etc, remove negative forms, remove black magic, awaken beings in stasis, collapse timelines, record bi-wave to triwave, fill the core with Krystal Star love and to revoke. All were strategically chosen and approved. Once built each one of these were compressed into my light body

Since these are so massive and powerful they cannot be simply opened up within the population. I was told I had to go out of body into the Earth core and release them. I must admit I was a bit “Are you for real!”. As we know usually going out into the field is not exactly the safest thing to do, let alone the Earth Core. I did my preparations to increase my defense and I was assured so much of the christic family and my teams had my back.

On the big day, when ready I was placed into some kind of Christic technology which I went inside and its function was to shoot me downwards into Earth Core. I was basically a human ball. As I went downward, my heart was beating pretty fast, the speed was intense and my eyes were flickering. Upon reaching the core, my heart burst open and tears started coming down, all the Planetary Divine Technology were released out my light body, uncompressed and switched on as quickly as possible.

From this point on it was “Go time” and time to get to work. There were multiple draconian machinery for mind control that were removed, lots of AI for enslavement of the people of Earth, large AI supercomputers, massive God blocks, lots of architecture to disconnect Christ consciousness from Earth, lots of time distortion jammers and lots of the all too familiar victim-victimiser systems. There were numerous false bases that were decoys to stop clearings for Earth core there wer huge nests of reptiles that were being prepared to take over the planet. All of which were clean sweeped. Krystic dragonis supported my exit from the core and back to the surface.

Over 48,000 entities were evicted in the first 36 hours. Depending on what they have done they will go where they are meant to go. Some go to prison-like complexes, while some go to where they came from. Some who choose to change go to rehabilitation complexes and some go to God to be reborn.

Over 2500 plus Christic beings that were in stasis we activated and awakened. They will now continue to fulfill their purposes for the Earth which I am optimistic about because they are powerful.

Now that the Earth core has been secured God can come through the core like never before.  I know God has great plans. I hope you notice, see and feel the new light coming from the core because it has regenerated from its damage. There are so many shifts happening, I would be most interested to heart what are your experiences of this and insights on the shifts.

Thank you for witnessing. I thank and give much respect to all the Guardians, Christos family and all who supported this mission.