Light Encoded Gateways
These are energetic digital art pieces, these are intelligent living light architecture.
On one level these might look like a pretty picture, but the purpose of these are more about the energy rather than its physical aesthetics. Each has energy that you can really feel and at minimum will help you open your heart space. If you go deep enough you will perceive it for what it is, the energetic architecture, the codes,  the multidimensional divine energies of what each one offers. The intention for these are pure energies that are heart based, emanation of source codes, love, activational, healing, and blessings. Allow yourself to trust, feel, and receive.

How to use:
One way to approach my art is to stare at the center of it, notice how all of them have a white center, its like that for a reason.  Softly stare at the center for around 1 minute or longer, feeling it and relaxing into it, with your eyes open or closed state outloud (or internally) “I choose to receive for what’s my highest good and for the benefit of all.” Notice the shift and give yourself sometime to receive it.