Divine Technology is a dispensation that can effectively, harmoniously, effortlessly and completely heal mental-emotional pain and remove interference, allowing you to be yourself, have more clarity, feel more peace, and access your true potential.

 Ermond Machica


What is Divine Technology?

Divine Technology are profound non-physical energy technology that are built into your energy field and serves a multitude of beneficial purposes, which overall support mental emotional healing, immunity from interference, and energetic mastery.

Divine Technology is available for all people of all ages, and all walks of life. It is for people who desire effective and deep transformation. It does not matter if you are starting a journey of conscious growth, have been on a personal development path or spiritual path for many years, Divine Technology will provide profound transformation.

Divine Technology

Full and automatic healing of wound or fragment as they are triggered or felt.

Removal and immediate support of all forms of interference.

How does the process work?

Healing Package

This package of Divine Technology provides profound healing. It supports the two types of psycho-emotional pain which are wounds and fragments.

What does the Healing Package do?
Full healing of emotional wounds and fragments all the way to its origin. Even through multiple lifetimes if it goes that far back.
Healing of the 12 main meridians and 8 extraordinary meridians
Maintains the 12 main meridians and 8 extraordinary meridians to be 85% or more healed at all times.
Healing of Ancestral fragments and wounds
Healing of Wounds and Fragments from Multidimensional Aspects*

How does the Healing Package benefit you?
A lot more emotional and mental stability
More centerdness
More stability in all relationships
Heal patterns that do not serve you
Heal your Anxiety
Have a stronger immune system
Healthier organs
Spend less time trying to heal and more time doing what you want
Enjoy life more instead of being overwhelmed
See through limiting ego patterns easier
Shift from limitation into empowerment quicker

The Divine Technology works automatically and requires no effort. No knowledge or experience, or expertise of healing is required. The healing package is fully automated and constantly in effect. It supports the full healing of a new or past, wound or fragment, from the moment it arises or is triggered. From the initial circumstance that brought it up, and will gently, efficiently, and completely heal all the way to the origin, even if its origin is of another lifetime. No matter how painful, traumatic, deep it is, all fragments or wounds will be fully supported.

This package has been carefully considered and covers aspects of the process other than healing the fragment or wound to ensure that the healing is complete.


Divine Technology for Fragmentation Support – All Lifetimes (Alternate Timeline)
Divine Technology for Healing Wounds – All Lifetimes (Alternate Timeline)
Divine Technology for Fragmentation Support – All Lifetimes (Akashic Record)
Divine Technology for Healing Wounds – All Lifetimes (Akashic Records)
Divine Technology for Multidimensional Fragmentation Support (Akashic Records) *
Divine Technology for Multidimensional Wound Healing (Akashic Records) *
Divine Technology to Heal Ancestral Fragments
Divine Technology to Heal Ancestral Wounds
Divine Technology to Revoke
Divine Technology for Evictions (Teleportation)
Divine Technology to Teleport Negative Form
Divine Technology to Close and Teleport Harmful Portals
Divine Technology to Heal and Seal Holes in Aura
Divine Technology to Heal Meridians
Divine Technology to Heal
Healing Team (21 Beings)
Healing Identification Specialist (1 Being)
5 Rules (To automate and utilise the Divine Technology)

*  Available only if you have received a Universal Stream Chart


Immunity Package

This package provides immediate support and protection from any form of external and internal energetic interference that has any kind of “heavy” or negative impact on you which can impede your experience of love, purpose, joy, happiness, and your connection to all of life.

There are various insidious influences that directly and non-beneficially affect the way that we think, feel and subsequently how we act. Everyone is impacted by this. These are beyond what most people can perceive and yet it can manipulate your perceptions, how you feel about certain things and people, how energised you feel, keep you looping in limiting thoughts and feelings, keep you in blame, perpetuate victimhood, interfere with relationships, prevent you from expressing yourself naturally, make it harder to feel loved, perpetuate addiction, create sabotage, and more.

These can be in the form of non-benevolent entities, a multitude of structures and forms that manipulate or trigger existing wound and fragments, forms that invoke heavy feelings, forms or bodies that maintain heavy feelings, forms that blind or distort clear perception, forms that manipulate thoughts and perpetuate negative thinking, forms that support the manifestation of heavy circumstances and much more.

Normally interferences go unnoticed because we think that the negative thoughts and heavy emotions that arise are always from ourself. Essentially most of them are your own, however a lot of time what made those arise have actually been influenced by some sort of interference.

The Immunity Package was designed to detect, identify, and remove the interference as they arise, and repair where the inference was. You do not need to know how to use it, it will work automatically to support you. It can also be used consciously to remove specific forms if you so desire.

What does the Immunity Package do?

  • Automatically remove any form of interference effectively, harmoniously, effortlessly, and completely.
  • Automatically Prevent any negative form, structure, or implants from being placed within you.
  • Identify and immediately handle all forms of interference of any dimension.
  • Have all types of interfering entities removed out of you as they arise
  • Revoke and remove any kind of entity binding, bondage, possession and attachment.
  • Have internal and external protection from all types of interfering entities within you
  • Have forms of energy that negatively manipulate how you think and feel, completely and harmoniously removed.
  • Be immune to basic and advanced forms of energy attack and black magic.
  • Full and proper repair and healing once interference is removed.
  • Remove the effects of Mind Control.


How does the Immunity Package benefit you?

  • Emotional and mental clarity
  • Allow you to focus on what you came here to do
  • Keep life simple and clear
  • Move forward in life
  • Be more centered and less triggered
  • More harmonious relationships
  • Navigate challenges more ease
  • Let the real you communicative and express in the world
  • Immediate support when you are triggered or down
  • Maintain a clearer connection with your heart and higher consciousness.
  • Maintain or develop empathy in the face of adversity


Divine Technology to Teleport Negative Forms
Divine Technology to Erase Negative Forms
Divine Technology to Revoke
Divine Technology for Evictions via Teleportation (Non-Attached)
Divine Technology to Evict a Resistant Entity
Divine Technology to Evict a Binded Entity
Divine Technology for Depossession from an Entity
Divine Technology to Repair
Divine Technology for Invisibility (External)
Divine Technology to Install Krystal Star Algorithms
Divine Technology to Block the Installation of Negative Forms
Divine Technology to Block and Release Black Magic
Divine Technology to Block Red Cube Technology
Divine Technology to Block Black Cube Technology
Divine Technology to Block Black Hole Technology
Divine Technology for Protection (External)
Divine Technology for Protection from Entity Attachment
Divine Technology for Protection from Receiving a Secondary Binding
Divine Technology for Ban of Non-Interference
Divine Technology to Fill with Light
Divine Technology Light Barrier
Divine Technology to Absorb Negative Projections and Attacks
Divine Technology to Absorb Black Magic
Divine Technology Armor of Light
Divine Technology to Remove Forms from Other Aspects
Divine Technology to Remove Implants
Divine Technology to Remove
Divine Technology to Retrieve
Divine Technology for Non-Interference
Eviction Team (12 Beings)
Depossession Team (13 Beings)
Defense Specialists (7 Beings)
Interference Identification Specialist
Transit Gate
4 Rules


Frequently Asked Questions

The Process
Ermond will build the non-physical Divine Technology within your energy field in his own timing. This is done remotely, you do not need to be present online or in-person. You do not need to be in a meditative state.  Once it is completed Ermond will notify you via email. A 30 minute QnA Zoom session is available if you desire.

I have no experience with healing, I am new to all of this, will this work for me?
Divine Technology works for everyone, people of all ages, cultures and experiences. If you’ve been on a spiritual journey or personal development path for a short or long time, Divine Technology will work for you and will help you.

I’ve been on the spiritual path and healing work for a long time, will this be of any use to me?
I invite you to tune into your heart or your intuition and see if it resonates for you. I have had people who are healers receive great benefits and experience  mental and emotional stability and peace.


If you want either package or both, or have questions, please fill your name and email below and I will email you with some details on the installation process and pricing.

Or email me at: contact@ermondmachica.com

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